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Monday, February 28, 2011

This is Trinidad Carnival Costume Collection Week and the DRAMA and EXCITEMENT has BEGUN!

First things first though...why did I see THIS notice of GENTLEMEN'S BALL CANCELLED this Thursday all remember this from TrinidadFeteTickets' fete lineup as the all-white affair that was well over $100 USD to attend...

*insert SHOCKED face here*

I think there were a few too many PRICEY fetes going on this week...we still emerging from recession here in the States and I'm just assuming here but they probably did not sell as many of those as they wanted!  

Now on to the collection stories...which are best read on TrinidadCarnivalDiary's Facebook and blog postings...and the comments too!  As well as on the walls of bands like TRIBE and YUMA.  I see people in some cases complaining about things that were announced as the company policy well in advance of registration...but other things that are giving people trouble, I saw coming from afar and decided to just accept that I can't have it all my way and change to a band that works for my schedule personally, nothing against the band cause I love it and the vibes...(yes I changed my mind ONE more time and went back to D'krewe to join the rest of my crew, be 99% in one section, and be in one of my #1 choice costumes for my first Trinidad Carnival!):
I had paid in full for this...but it wasn't painful to sell (and sold in a BLINK) because...

THIS was still calling my name...if you paid off one and still giving the other side eyes/wishing
you had the skills to play mas in 2 bands same day, you know you might want to rethink that lol!
Of course, now I have the tiny problem of gold boots designed to go with YUMA's Capricorn that I must now make work (or go get sneakers!) for D'Krewe's Tempo! smh My own little drama unfolding over here lol. Hopefully that's as bad as it gets for me cause I am very excited to see my costume!

In the middle of all that, I am still packing (just started yesterday), and trying to figure how much checked luggage charges I can afford cause I realize I might need one of my smaller suitcases to arrive empty to transport my costume back to the U.S.!  But it's all VERY exciting! lol!

It's packing day!

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