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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ROCKWILDAZ liked the blog so much they asked if I want to work with them!


Is that even a question? lol!

I LOVE Rockwildaz!  Always referring anyone who wants to know where the hot events are in Jamaica over to their Facebook page!
Rockwildaz Facebook

And they're on twitter too: @rockwildaz!

It's amazing how just doing something I love can make unexpected people take notice and lead from one thing to another! :-)
Rockwildaz website

As my friend (and the one who inspired me to take my interests to a blog of my own and off the small world of just my Facebook friends) said:

wow ....It's happening...Im telling you...that you are going to be a force from now on...they can tell you have some quality stuff......and the word will spread

Eloquence, Inc.

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