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Monday, February 28, 2011

My BOOTS are here for Trinidad Carnival 2011!

And they are TOO gorgeous!   
A Chinese man said "those are AMAZING how did she do that? They look like a fairy tale!" lol!

They are also the only boots ordered in my size that actually FIT properly, putting shame to the Ebay and orders which both had to be returned because they were not true to size…this is some cheap pair of Payless boots and they are QUITE comfortable…if I don’t break them in though the insoles and heel inserts I want to put in them for cushioning might make it a close fit.  But still at least wearable where the other too had no toe space with just my foot alone in the shoe!

These actually seem padded enough that I could maybe put in just the heel inserts and be okay, if it came down to it.

Now to wear the heck out of them around the house trying to break them in somewhat before I leave!  Gonna do all my remaining packing and preparations in these boots! Lol!  Thanks to Niecy's Custom Designs!

And in case you're wondering how I plan to pull this off with this costume:

Note the gold earrings and gold-tone shades...and as the Carnival Obsession divas advised me, blue and gold makeup baby!

And my makeup artist already has something along those lines up on her Facebook page:

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