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Saturday, February 5, 2011

TrinidadFeteTickets: Gentlemen's Ball, Brian Lara, etc. Fete Prices and How to Purchase Non-TFT Fete Tickets!

Remember them from my blog posts here, here, here, and here (and the Trinidad Carnival Bible)?
the TFT logo

From TFT email:

Official prices have not been released to date for the following:
* GMB - Gentleman's Ball - Carnival Edition - Thurs 3rd March 2011 (11pm)
* Lara - Sun 6th March 2011 (2pm)
* Girl Power - Fri 4th March 2011 (9pm)
* Insomnia - Sat 5th March 2011 (11pm)
* Dawn  -  Sun 6th March 2011 (1 am) 

  • Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party tickets (Individual & Couples) are sold out by the promoters.  There are limited COMBO tickets available - 1 SSU (all inclusive-individual) & 1 Break Biche (premium drinks inclusive)

Once again we wish to remind patrons that our prices include our Pay Pal fees, administrative & service charges.  Unfortunately, this service cannot exist without these charges and our ticket prices will not be the 'fete/event advertised price'.  Currently T.F.T does not offer a package price for bulk/group purchases.

TFT Communications Team

MOBILE: +44 781 118 6566, (TT number to be advised in 2011)
SKYPE: (skype i.d) (SKYPE button also on website)
FREE VOICE MAIL: if you use the Google Talk service, you can leave us a voice mail via that programme.

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