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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trinidad Carnival 2013: Carnival Late-Breaking News!

You know what they say, "carnival is BACCHANAL and BACCHANAL is carnival"...always some new development or twist to the story, you can't be the OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) type, the perfectionist, and you can't not know how to laugh and roll with the punches, else you will have a miserable time!

So on with it:

1. Word on the e-street is established Sunday super breakfast parties Sunny Side Up (SSU) and Diamond Vale, both all-inclusive fetes, as of this late date two weeks before carnival Sunday have no BAR LICENSE.

And "all-inclusive" means all you can eat, and most importantly for many (but not all) true partiers, all you can DRINK.  And these fetes are over $100 USD each...and not just barely over that mark, either...


2. Utopia Mas has been "acquired" by D'Krewe Carnival (you remember them, my band that had both the wickedest costumes last year and whose King of Carnival creation by bandleader Roland St. George won King of Carnival for 2012?).  Announced about 15 minutes ago:

Wow what's next?  Only a week to go before most people start flying out, not much more can change up, right?  WRONG... Don't get too attached, treat this like friends with benefits lol:

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