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Friday, January 25, 2013

Trinidad Carnival 2013: 7 Carnival - Lifting The 7 Veils

Literally just found out about this band because a last minute client (and I mean signed up this week type of last minute, not the only one either...yeah busy week!) wants to play with his friends and this is the band they are playing with... not sure how it went under my radar because it and the THEME seem hawt!  Deep into carnival logistics loose ends to tie up but had to take a few minutes and get the word out there about this!  I LOVE their website (the music!)

Click HERE for a view of their band launch, which apparently was around the beginning of October (so, before Legacy launched).

7 Carnival (Generations Carnival): Lifting of The 7 Veils

Check each section on the site link above for the description of the Veil they are portraying!


That male costume so NICE, had to do it twice!

Wrath - for some reason this one really call to me!

Gluttony - according to site, there is a male version, it's darker.

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