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Monday, January 28, 2013

Jamaica 2013: Boys & Girls CHAMPS March 12-16, 2013 - Come See The Next Usain Bolt!

Olympic star athlete Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Want to be a part of the endless school rivalry, excitement, and scorching hot displays of Jamaica's finest in the next generation of world class athletes?  Let Eloquence, Inc. plan your trip to witness one of the must-do events on every serious university athletics recruiter's list worldwide... the proving ground of world Olympic champions, the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys & Girls Championships, aka CHAMPS!

Nuff love to star Jamaican culture promotion page I AM A JAMAICAN for these's a one-page Jamaica Tourist Board all by itself!

Don't think this is anything like a typical high school track meet final in, say, the U.S....Jamaicans from all over will fly home if they can to support their school.  Most high schools in Jamaica function like private schools in the U.S., with school crests, mottos in Latin specific to each school, with uniforms that identify each school with unique colours and/or ties and shoulder epaulettes, and with a tight-knit bond (overall) with classmates (versus another school) and loyalty to the school that can border on the fanatic especially when you hear some men going at it if they are friends who went to "rival" schools!  But as the track athlete in the high school Kingston College (KC) anthem video down below notes in his song, "...Champs is a brawl to the end, but afterwards we can all just be friends..."

High school is often the last stop on the education road for many Jamaicans, so this also adds an element of intensity to the achievements of their school and the students who can obtain athletic scholarships, especially in events where Jamaica has developed a worldwide reputation as "the sprint factory of the Caribbean" (if not of the world, as we have champion sprinters and other athletes on the teams of foreign countries!)

We reached these heights in Beijing:

Champion Olympic hurdler Melaine Walker

Because of this in Jamaica:

Hansle Parchment, to me the SWEETEST medal of London Olympics 2012!
TRIPLE THREAT! Top left pic:
L-R Yohan Blake, Usain Bolt, Warren Weir
"The Beast", "The Lightning Bolt", "The Weirwolf"!

Because of this same thing in Jamaica!

Come enjoy first-hand what we are KNOWN for producing: 
British royal Prince Harry on his visit to Jamaica in 2012
doing the "[Jamaica] To The World" pose with #1 athlete,
fastest man in the world, triple medallist in Beijing 2008
and triple medallist in London 2012 Olympics, Usain Bolt!

Jamaican Olympic star track and field athletes
L-R: Veronica Campbell-Brown and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Email to have your travel planned to arguably the most exciting track and field event in the world after Olympic track and field...and enter your email address at the top of the blog to get the news first!

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