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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jamaica 2013: Magnum BritJam, Montego Bay, March 6-13, 2013

If you don't know, from spring into summer through Christmas (basically year-roun), Jamaica is THE place to be... after you cool off and lose the tan marks from Trinidad Carnival and/or Jamaica Carnival, plan your next getaway the ALL-INCLUSIVE one price party hearty style!

Or better yet pick an event and let Eloquence, Inc. handle the logistics of getting into the party for you! if you're ready take advantage of all the major events and festivals happening in Jamaica year-round.

From the promoters of Magnum (tonic wine!) BritJam, a spring break in Jamaica event held March 6th to the 13th, 2013:

 For the first time, BritJam Day time adventures are no-longer exclusive. All patrons are allowed. With the purchase of a ticket via single admission cost or with the possession of a season band a patron can now enjoy the beloved day party events. These events are tailored with UK & USA patrons in mind, so expect a premium blend of drinks, food and overall experience.
Take a look at the marvelous highlights from BritJam 2012 on our pixs page. This page offers up to 50 beautiful pictures for each event. They say a picture can tell you one thousand words, with that said an entire story can be told by taking a look at these pictures. Take your time and go through each album and relive the experiences through expert photography
BritJam stands apart from any other event in the world as it boasts an unheared total of 13 premium events during a one week span. Over the years we’ve noticed that attending all events is an increasing challenge. Explore the events and choose wisely, or better yet, Can you manage all 13 events? Take the challenge!


Brit Jam is an Ultimate Spring Break party holiday. The concept is based on infusing British and American Cultures with Jamaican Culture and providing the chance for those who have always wanted to visit the island by doing so with familiar faces. We invite popular UK and Jamaican DJ‟s and artists to showcase their talents during the entire week.
The idea is to mix music genres and audiences that would not necessarily be together. By doing so, it also offers a platform for up and coming artists to perform internationally alongside the biggest stars in the Jamaican music industry.
With the event steadily growing over the past three years, it has given the organizers a chance to improve the festival and bring it to international standards. With each individual promoter bringing their own flavour, coupled by years of experience in the entertainment industry with strong skill sets and attributes to complement each other this becomes the perfect recipe for an unbeatable team. All events during this festival are successful independently; both locally and internationally, then when fused together the ultimate party vacation is created.

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