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Sunday, November 14, 2010

What do last night, Little Thai, Ocean's Jamaica, French pedicures and Atlanta's fall colours have in common?

I'll be blogging about them this week. lol

Quick preview:

1. I accidentally went NOWHERE last night (and if you remember, I was supposed to be going here)! lol Got the Little Princess (I've decided the kids should be the Little Princess after her favourite type of cartoon character and the Little Dragon after the very powerful Chinese year in which he was born) off to the sitter...and...woke up this morning! I know, that sucks, I was all ready to bring pictures!  It's okay though there is always a next time!

2. I been meaning to post a review and pics of Little Thai restaurant, where me and the Little Princess went for my birthday...her first Thai restaurant, and my first one in Atlanta!  I love Thai food so that blog post's coming soon.

3. Review also coming for Ocean's Jamaica, a restaurant I found today after church by using my TomTom GPS to search for whatever restaurant was nearby the place I got my French pedicure done!

And yes, I am very happy to have gotten the toes done even though it's boots season...and I am not the only Scorpio who decided we not bringing sexy back to our feet next summer, we going to make sure it never leaves! lol A couple friends on my fb were having the same thoughts as me!

The public may not be seeing them but ELOQUENCE, INC. will and I want see pretty French tips shining back at me!  Sometimes it's not about what "they" think, it's about what YOU think after having to actually look at yourself!

4. And last but not least, a look at the beauty of neck of the fall!

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