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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today is my BIRTHDAY! Celebrating and scouting out what's going on in the A on a Tuesday night!

My last year in my twenties and I decided to ring it in the way I want the year to be: full of vibes and great memories!

This year it falls on a Tuesday so you might think I can't do much on a Tuesday night...but this is Atlanta, there is ALWAYS one or few things to get into on any given night!

For the voters, there are election parties held in various locations downtown, midtown, and Buckhead.

For the reggae lovers:

For the comedy lovers:

For the hip hop lovers:

For the families:
Creative Loafing's list of family events going on today
(For the record the one I want to check out, especially AFTER the workday, is the Botanical Gardens)

And more!  Let's not forget the movies as well, including the Starlight Six Drive-in!

Surprised I found time to blog today but the election parties article was interesting to come across and if I was about to share it on Facebook, I might as well post it here and instantly share it EVERYWHERE!

Til next time, I'll just leave you with my theme song for my birthday, cause I keep hearing the "go girl, it's your birthday..." in my head!  Trey Songz with that ANGEL voice!

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