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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So I was asked "What's your definition of a REAL MAN?"

This Facebook anonymous Q&A status game has gone viral, and now they are doing it elsewhere.  If you don't know, it's where someone asks you a question, any question, and you post it up without identifying who asked, and post the answer, in the format Q: then A:...

This question is one many women need to ask themselves and maybe it will help them determine who is real and who is a fraud as they navigate the stormy seas of the dating/mating "game."  Keep in mind these are MY answers and I am not prescribing them for anyone, just posting my own thoughts!  Let me know what you think!

Q: What is your definition of a real man?


He's strong (and I do not mean physically).

He has genuine respect for women, especially for his woman.

He has a healthy normal relationship with his mother if she's in his life and same for the father if he's in his life...if they are not proper parents then a real man has learned or been taught the proper relationship between a man and a woman and between that pair and a child by another couple or set of couples.

He has manners.

He has ambition and has evidence of being able to actually apply it to his life.

He has great problem-solving and critical thinking know, leadership abilities.

He inspires me.

He causes me to admire him without effort on his part, just the way he naturally is is admirable...

He is hardworking.

He is honest and can do it without being rude.

He may not be perfect, but when things are brought to his attention, he really tries...

He can form a monogamous, loving, and passionate bond with a woman. (As opposed to a professional gyallis who needs someone to justify settling down to him cause he literally sees no advantage to not whoring around.)

He is not afraid of the spiritual aspect of life and can hold real conversations about his beliefs and mine without drama. 

He is a positive person.

He enjoys life, and doesn't merely survive through it.

He knows himself and his flaws, and knows a good woman along with/in spite of her flaws when he sees one.

lemme stop yah lol. 

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