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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trinidad Fete Tickets blog responds on fete ticket pricing

So after the blog I just wrote on Trinidad Fete Tickets and their 2011 Trinidad Carnival schedule of events, I emailed them about the pricing (thought I could maybe find out totals, but not yet). Below is their response.  Good luck and don't hitch, I have read in more than one location that Valsayn Sanctuary fete, for example, is nearly impossible to get into!  I assume that is if you try to wait a while to reserve, so don't think that the fete lineup and deposits being released before prices are even final is some kind of accident, get MOVING!
TRIBE Ignite

From Trinidad Fete Tickets:
Thank you for contacting Trinidad Fete Tickets.

Please see the following information that should address your question.

Note:  The schedule we have provided in this email only lists the  events we supply tickets to.

In order to make a deposit/purchase for your selected events, please go to the site and select your events and insert your ticket quantities from the two available fete drop down lists - (all inclusive / general -vip)
These can be locate in the column located on the right hand side of the site.

All payments are processed via Pay Pal which accepts most major debit and credit cards.


Please Click here for the Frequently Asked Question guide so you can make the most out of the site and service.

TFT Fete Tickets Event List 

The following is a list of the fetes/events T.F.T will be providing tickets for in 2011.
These days and dates are not guaranteed and are subject to changes, etc by the relevant promoters.  Please use them as a guideline only.  Confirmations on days/dates/times as per the usual each year will be provided closer to the event - generally 2-3 weeks prior, the same applies to the final official cost of tickets.

Salybia - Thursday 3rd March 2011 (2pm)
Beach House - Thursday 3rd March 2011(2pm)
Sunny Side Up - Sunday 6th March 2011  (4am)
Dancing in the Sanctuary - Sunday 6th March 2011  (2pm)
Lara - Sunday 6th March 2011 (2pm)

Eyes Wide Shut  - Tuesday 1st March 2011 (9pm)
SOS Dutch Party - Wednesday 2nd March 2011 (9pm)
Blue Range Cooler Fete - Friday 4th March 2011 (7pm)
Girl Power - Friday 4th March 2011 (9pm)
Insomnia - Saturday 5th March 2011 (11pm)
Dawn  -  Sunday 5th March 2011 (1 am)

Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

TFT Communications Team
MOBILE: +44 781 118 6566, (TT number to be advised in 2011)
SKYPE: (skype i.d) (SKYPE button also on website)
FREE VOICE MAIL: if you use the Google Talk service, you can leave us a voice mail via that programme.

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