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Sunday, October 24, 2010

D'Krewe Carnival Band has launched "Rhythms" and the vibes NICE!

I just have a special place in my carnival heart for this band...if YUMA hadn't come on the scene I probably would have waited for D'Krewe to launch, but this year I needed my motivation a little earlier than their October 23 launch date, lol!  They have always given me PERSONAL, friendly attention, even though they have never met me, and that's two (carnival) years running now!  I wanted to go for 2010 so last year in 2009 I was in contact with them, wanting to play Comancheros (theme last year was Salvaje and it was HOTTTT).  Even though the plans fell through, the customer service hasn't so they always get ratings from me!  That is why they are getting another blog post from me even though, as you may have noticed, I am pretty much done with the whole band launch fever now that I have chosen a band and gotten in a section!  If you want non-stop band reviews check Saucy's blog, Trinidadcarnivaldiary -- just the name alone tells you what it's all about!

My absolute favourite costume from D'Krewe for 2011 is TEMPO!  The colours are just vibrant and BEAUTIFUL, and I like the big headpiece (as compared to, say, the section Drums).  I notice most of their sections do not have a frontline...wondering what the reasoning is behind that but liking it anyway because it does  make me think of affordability (not that I am overpaying for my frontline, it's actually a little lower than what I budgeted!).

I look at that costume and say now this carnival, this is MAS!  Anyone not in a section yet should get in this!

2nd runner-up: Iron & get the metallic sense from looking at the costume, and the extra swirls and beading are just a nice touch to me.  I love that splash of blue feathers...adds the fun and some softness and helps make it another beautiful costume!  That particular shade of blue is hot!

Would love to know who's getting in these two sections (or any of D'Krewe's other sections) for 2011!  D'Krewe is on Facebook so check them out  and get all their contact information as well as see who you'll be jamming down the road with comes carnival Monday and Tuesday!

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