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Monday, October 18, 2010

So who planning out their workout/eating/saving habits for the next four months?

I'm not even going to say much about the saving $$$ part, we all know that needs to be done!  Make your cheques direct deposit if you haven't already, and then set automatic transfers to a separate vacation savings account every payday so it's gone before you'll miss it, and you can see the savings for Trinidad alone piling up on their own!

Now on to to what REALLY gets people during the fall and winter:

It's hard to stay motivated as it gets colder and colder, but even if you not trying to lose or gain, remember you need to be in the gym just to develop the stamina to LAST from Carnival Wednesday to Ash Wednesday!  You could be fine with your fat or fine with your muscle and tone, but it won't be fine if you're about to pass out halfway through carnival Monday or quarter-way through carnival Tuesday and worse, end up going home or having to get medical attention on the road!

We all know all shapes and sizes are out there on the road, so let's forget the mad rush to get into model shape for a minute and focus on some reality: you need to have some STAMINA to get through the unusually small amounts of sleep coupled with unusually large amounts of fete-ing, drinking, liming, wining, dining,!  It's not just about how you look outside, even if you have zero intention of giving up your cakes and cookies, make sure you ready for carnival on the INSIDE!

Time for me to blow up a big picture of the front and back of my costume! It's getting cold, I need all the motivation I can get!


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