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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ever wondered about the Gideons (the organization that puts Bibles in hotels)?

I happened to come across a link to the Gideons website while looking up something about Bibles, and read their history.  It's quite interesting, and the introduction site before you choose a location shows that they are all over the world in more places than you would think!  I like how they have come far since they started over 100 years ago and have embraced technology and have a really attractive site!  Sometimes religious organizations tend to have websites that are not user-friendly or don't have clear and CURRENT information.  And I think for folks like me that research everything on the web, and shop around for information and products and events on the web, having your web presence up to par and your site's "game face on" no matter what your purpose is VERY important!

They are on Facebook...but there are several pages for them, so I am not clear which is official.  When I searched for them, the most popular one that showed up first is the group in Canada...the one with the most people who "like" the page is Gideons Indonesia, as far as I can tell!  I think they could work on this by noting an official page with links to regional/national pages.

I'm just noting how a traditional part of our lives, religion, is coming into its own with the 21st century and the Information Age. :-)

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