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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Just In Time For Black Friday Shopping: What To Pack For Trinidad Carnival!

A Message from Eloquence,Inc.:

We're closing in on carnival and hopefully you have started shopping if needed for the items you will need for your carnival.  Now's a good time to catch off-season clearance sales on hot-weather clothes and shoes!
What to pack, extended version:
What to pack, express/emergency (what must be CARRY ON/ON YOUR PERSON):
What to pack, MEN (and women you can read for some LAUGHS lol):
And his men's UNDERWEAR to pack post (apparently it needs it's own post lol):

Black Friday through January 31 is the perfect time to get fete clothes and bathsuits/swim trunks/sandals/etc. (hot weather clothes and shoes) on clearance because most of you are headed to the Caribbean for Trinidad Carnival from places where winter is in full effect.  

Print the applicable lists or write down items off it you need, start planning your fete looks and buy whatever is missing out of your closet week by week!  If you don't own a digital camera I suggest getting one because you want to leave your expensive foreign smartphone in your room and take only the cheap little local Trini cell phone on the road.

And remember to hit the gym from now until you leave for Trinidad...

Because you want to LAST out there...

And so that when you come across the first 2 pics below (whichever applies to your gender)... can handle them like the last 2 pics! *smile* no pressure!

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