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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Africa Is WAY More Beautiful Than You Think!

The question was asked:
Is Haiti the Sub-Saharan Africa of the Caribbean? Well is it? I actually think so.

*deep breath*

If you're on facebook, click like, then the dropbox near that Settings wheel and choose to get notifications, from Uncommon Caribbean and Africland. WAY different from what you are thinking. The news has people thinking the worst of Haiti and even worse of the continent of Africa.

(mid-week happy hour in Port au Prince)


LESOTHO (African queen TODAY not only way back when God was a baby)

UGANDA (African king - the young one - TODAY)




ZAMBIA (where my MD high school friend is from)



^^school uniform

As Buju sing, "The city of Harare, where Selassie come from"


SOUTH AFRICA...even the prodigal children are returning home...
BBC News - Why white South Africans are coming home

all photos courtesy of Uncommon Caribbean and Africland... and that's barely the tip of the iceberg.

My daughter has seen different parts of the U.S., lived in Jamaica, never been to Africa. But she woke up and saw me putting the finishing touches on pictures when I was writing this article and asked about many pictures she saw then, and some of the ones she has caught me looking at since, whether it's Jamaica or Africa or anywhere else. She now speaks more than once of wanting to travel with me, and before it use to be that she just wanted to go to carnival with me, but now when I ask her if she could live ANYwhere, where would she want, and I start listing U.S. cities like Atlanta, know what she now chooses, even though my suggestions are biased on this side of the world? AFRICA. And she's said it more than once, she wants to travel with me and we're going to go to Africa cause it's beautiful, and she wants to go live there but only if I'm going to live with her too (and she also loves animals and having been to a zoo for school trip and now realizing from pictures on line they naturally live in Africa, she is even more sold on going so she can see them). Funny how we as adults have our minds biased against it, and if a child is shown pictures from all over the world... she chooses Africa as the most beautiful place she wants to go. I know I saw huts on Africland's page and after seeing the most beautiful sky above them (in Angola), and seeing the INSIDE of the huts... I am like wow, my new dream house is a hut, so when I retire people can think I'm poor and have NO idea...

Why not start taking trips to Africa and find out for yourself?

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