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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Trinidad Carnival 2016!

New and improved for 2016:

  • Almost paperless: Not playing mas or know your mas band for 2016 and are getting the default shorts for men or 2 piece bikini for women? Now you can breeze right through your whole order on Evenbrite and not have to worry about filling out another form until November 2015 when it's time to specify fetes! (Unless of course you do need to provide extra detail)
  • A La Carte and All-Inclusive in one stop: no going back and forth between two links to sign up, because everything is in one place.
  • KISS with FREEDOM: Keep It Simple Stupid even on the all-inclusive options...but you still have the freedom to play with whatever band you want for mas AND j'ouvert and can still choose between hotel or guesthouse for your all-inclusive stay.
  • Extra niceness for returning clients and loyal fans... because loyalty should be rewarded! In addition to being among the first to receive the link, you get an extra 20% off the already discounted early bird price! 
  • Payments are still quick and easy and secure via Paypal, and you still get your receipts instantly.
  • Once the website is set up the way it needs to be, Evenbrite will be available right from the site without missing a beat: behind the scenes changes won't result in a dramatic change in shopping experience for you!

Check it out and get started! If you want hotel I wouldn't sleep too long on it, they were sold out super early for 2015!

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