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Monday, May 13, 2013

Trinidad Carnival 2014: Band Launch Announcements!

It's been wayyyyy too quiet around here, hasn't it?  As they would say in Shottas, "play time is OVER."

Trinidad Carnival parade dates are 
March 3 & 4, 2014
(always the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday)

Mark your calendars for the Trinidad Carnival 2014 mas (costume) band launch dates, tune in to any announced live streaming of the launch online (for a really nice effect, hook your computer/laptop up to your big screen and enjoy like you were there, have the alcohol on ice and the waistline warmed up if you REALLY want a live simulation lol!), and start picturing yourself on the road for Trinidad Carnival 2014!  Yes you may be going through all kinds of life events right now, but what better way to motivate yourself to push through and MAKE things happen than to picture a THRILLING bucket-list-quality event that is in the not too distant future and a great way to cap off several months to a year of PUSH and FOCUS?  You may have just had a baby, just started a new job, just got laid off, just moved, just migrated, just returned home, just started a new relationship, just broke up, just realized hey I actually have nothing new to report in my life, it's super boring...all these different paths in life can be totally used as a catalyst to make THIS be your reality comes March 2014:

Please bookmark the TRINIDAD CARNIVAL COSTUMES FOR NEXT YEAR link (also at the top of the blog site!) as it is will have the launches in roughly chronological order, and is where updates will be posted.'s almost mid-May...if you have not started your Trinidad Carnival travel planning yet or need help, now is the time, you are NOT early at this point, you are right on time, so get going!  You can start your travel planning and get a customized itinerary handled for you by clicking HERE.

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pic courtesy Trinidad Carnival Diary

Trinidad Carnival 2014
Band Themes/Launch Dates (So Far):
For last year's costumes click here.




Pic courtesy of Trinidad Carnival Diary since Fantasy's page not currently available (???!)




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