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Friday, May 24, 2013

Atlanta Carnival 2013: The Fetes & Events!

I know I know, completely slacked off on keeping you updated on band launches and band offerings this year, but if you're looking for something to do this weekend in Atlanta or are already here for carnival but need to know WHERE ARE THE FETES?...look no further.

List will be updated as I come across more flyers, but in roughly chronological order here we go!  If you need help obtaining tickets or finding parade information, email!

PROMOTERS: if you have an Atlanta Carnival event to promote, post the flyer to the wall HERE and I'll update the blog!

Atlanta Carnival is the last Saturday of May every year, during Memorial Weekend.  Parade moves off at noon, check Atlanta Carnival Facebook page and the parade flyer under SATURDAY below for more info including the route/destination this year!

There are some special celebrity appearances marking this year, the 25th anniversary of Atlanta Carnival!

Click on each flyer to make it bigger.




note the new venue for the parade!!!!

Kymani Marley will be at the 25th Atlanta Carnival!

Tommy Ford of TV show Martin will be in the 25th Atlanta Carnival parade!

Karlie Redd (Love & Hip Hop reality show) will be playing mas
with Madd Colors for the 25th Atlanta Carnival!



What is the best Marta station to go to see the parade. I see it starts at Civic Center. What other stations will it pass?
Like ·  · May 15 at 6:49pm

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