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Monday, May 20, 2013

Atlanta Carnival 2013: If You Still Want To Play Mas...

I have a band-owner willing to work with people I send to her directly...

Inbox me here:

or EMAIL me

for her name and number and band name. Pictures here are not from the band, fyi.
Atlanta Carnival mas band We Kinda Ting: 2013 presentation

Of course you know, carnival is this Saturday so there is no time for downpayments, full payment only, but it's all inclusive, and the route is different from last year (facebook search Atlanta Caribbean Carnival for more info on that).

I have seriously slacked off on Atlanta Carnival reporting this year, anyone needing fetes information though simply inbox or email! I have two words for you fete-wise from now: SUNDAY MORNING! That breakfast fete is the wickedest ting!

We Kinda Ting children's (kiddies) carnival presentation last weekend, 2nd place!

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