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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012 Band Launch: D'Krewe Carnival Theme PANACHE Saturday June 19!

WHAT?!  What's that? Somebody launching ALREADY?  Yep!  They launched too late last year and I know I for one, they are ON IT!

RSVP to the band launch event on Facebook!

I've made several other posts on D'Krewe before and their customer service...the costume distribution was chaotic this year but the customer service through it all was friendly and helpful, just like they had been with me since 2009 before even meeting me!  Definitely recommend this band if it's your first time in Trinidad and you don't want a HUGE band overwhelming you (about 700 strong in 2011) or you just want a band where by the end of Carnival Monday it's like that show Cheers "sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name!" :)

I suggest for faster service with your costume on collection day, pay in FULL (or pay the remaining balance off completely) BEFORE the week of carnival.

MANNNNN we've barely recovered from TNT 2011 and 2k12 band launches are already on the way!  I'm trying NOT to say I'm there for sure 2012 cause my homeland (JAMAICA) calling my name later this year and next year BUT! lol I'll definitely be keeping my eye on the offerings for 2012 and seeing what costume (if any) says, like Iwer George, "COME TO MEH"!

Now wondering what the 2012 theme PANACHE is all about!  Cause I sure remember what the 2011 theme RHYTHMS was all about!

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