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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Atlanta Carnival 2011 Updates...Including Sold Out Updates!

From Prizm Mas:
CARNIVAL POSSE!!! Time to register for your all-inclusive costume or t-shirt package for Atlanta Carnivale 2011! We're on the road with Spoil Brattz andLARGE RADIO / SMALLISLANDMASSIVE's Bikey Djbikeman Hendricks. VIBES WILL BE NICE!!!

From We Kinda Ting:

Caribbean Focus Caribbean Focus TV tonight at 8pm on Comcast Channel 29 at pm featuring "We Kinda Ting" and "Madd Colors." band launch Keep it lock for an exclusive interview with the respective band leaders and so much more. Visit or call 1-866-919-CFTV.

Watch live TV shows - Video Stream

aaaaand the section Mystique is SOLD OUT!

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