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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Trinidad Carnival 2013: Rooms and Carnival LAST MINUTE!

Despite the fact that some hotels and guesthouses are booked a year in advance, I know there are always people who discover Trinidad Carnival (or the money for it lol) at the last minute and want to know how to make it happen.

Well, it now becomes a matter of deadline order.

If you still need housing WALKING DISTANCE from ground zero of the parade (the Savannah) that costs way less than the hotels, please contact me as I still have a couple rooms available for Eloquence, Inc. clients only!
At this point the order of priority should be:
1. Housing. Absolutely the thing that is hardest to get close to the Savannah.
Trinidad guesthouse
Spice Carnival mas band costume, section name  Kathak (frontline)
Insomnia fete, carnival Saturday night midnight to about 11am; turns into wet fete!

2. Airfare (and you can play with this and push it down the line if you need special order costume or are prepared to either fly with incredibly long layovers, more than one connection, or at a higher price for the times you want)

3. Costume (and you can go with more affordable bands like Just Friends in the under $300 range, Petlemas and Legacy in the $400 - $700 range, or the super large, super popular bands like Islandpeople and Harts in the $650 - over $1,000 range).  There are SEVERAL bands to choose from, see the link at the top of the page titled Trinidad Carnival Costumes For Next Year! Some bands have early pay-off deadlines that you have missed at this point, but that's okay because you likely need the extra time anyway, to just put your deposit down now and take the balance (in Trinidad dollars) with you to the mas camp carnival time to pay the balance.  So all you need right now is the deposit.

4. J'ouvert/Fetes (if you go Friday - Wednesday and are tight on cash you can pick ONE good fete and party from start to finish for your money, and just check out free events like the Kiddies parade Saturday morning or lime aka hang out and socialize on Ariapita Avenue the rest of can also pick a j'ouvert band that does a pre-j'ouvert party and basically get 2 parties for the price of one).

I can handle all these arrangements for you, check out the blog site or just email the dates you want to be there, how many people are for SURE going and ready to make their down payments, and if they will be sharing beds or need separate beds.

LET'S GO!  Keep up with the latest news by following the blog on Facebook ( and Twitter (@eloquenceinc) as well as on YouTube (!
J'ouvert in Trinidad

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