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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Trinidad Carnival 2013: Islandpeople Mas SOLD OUT updates!

If you have any intention of playing in this band (as well over half my clients are!), doan hitch, doh stick, do not delay!  Register in what's available at this point as soon as you can get your deposit money together because everybody and their cousin (and Keshorn Walcott, Trinidad & Tobago's latest Olympic star and  the current -- and youngest -- Olympic gold medallist and junior world champion in the javelin throw!) is playing in IP this year it seems!

From the IP page (this is about the FEMALE costumes, males still good but I wouldn't waste time either!):

So Carnival has been officially launched and we're rolling full speed ahead to Re-Humanize 2013! 

Please note that the following chapters, options and additions are Sold Out: 

• Conscience Frontline: Sold Out 
• Conscience Backpack: Sold Out 

• Devotion Frontline: Sold Out 
• Devotion Large Headpiece: Sold Out 
• Devotion Backpack: Sold Out 

• Forgiveness Frontline Monokini: Sold Out 
• Forgiveness Frontline Wire Bra: Sold Out 
• Forgiveness Backpack: Sold Out 

• Gratitude Frontline: Sold Out 
• Gratitude Backpack: Sold Out 
• Gratitude Large Headpiece: Sold Out 
• Gratitude Extra-Large Headpiece: Sold Out 

• Humility Frontline: Sold Out 
• Humility Backpack: Sold Out 

• Joy Frontline: Sold Out 

• Passion Monokini: Sold Out 
• Passion Backpack/Collar: Sold Out 
• Passion Cape: Sold Out 

This chapter and all of its options and additions are completely Sold Out. • Understanding Frontline: Sold Out 
• Understanding Fringe Backline: Sold Out 
• Understanding Beaded Backline: Sold Out 
• Understanding Backpack: Sold Out 
• Understanding Mohawk: Sold Out 
• Understanding Large Headpiece: Sold Out 
• Understanding Extra Large Headpiece: Sold Out 

Please note that:
All Tankinis, Bustiers, Boy Shorts and Thongs are Sold Out.
All Extra-Large Headpieces are Sold Out but a very limited number of Large Headpieces in a few chapters are still available.

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