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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trinidad Carnival 2013: Up Next - FETES!

It's been quiet around here as Eloquence, Inc. settled into a great new job with insane hours of the billable-hour kind...yes, I have a day job lol!

But the remaining costumes launched by D'Krewe, Trini Revellers, Legacy, etc. will be posted, you can look for them on Facebook and the Web in the meantime...

Just had to remind us all that it's about that time...the 2013 fete schedule is coming together, so it's time to start getting fete deposits in hand, especially if you intend to try an all-inclusive!

In case you didn't know, fetes in Trinidad (the major ones) take a deposit, then wait until after some kind of headcount is established and release the final price.  The fine art of being a tease right? lol

All-inclusives are all you can eat, all you can drink, all you can wine...and that of course is nearly twice the cost of a fete that is non-inclusive.  In between are the semi-inclusive fetes that may say "drinks inclusive".

Stay tuned!  Calendar courtesy of Whey All The Fetes Are For Carnival.  And you know where there is fete, there is MUSIC!  Keep warming up the waistline and get ready to wine!

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