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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Trinidad Carnival 2013: It's About That Time...To Order BOOTS!

Thanksgiving sales are the perfect time to stock up or get started on carnival BOOTS to wear with your costume!

These boots are looking like the right candidates to get decorated for 2013...
So are these, and both are less than $50 USD:

I hope you're on the ball with this and remember to buy INSERTS if you don't already own any!

Another little trick for boots that turn out to not have much cushioning or a little stiff cause you didn't have time to break them in: borrow the insoles from your gym sneaks and stick them in the boots for carnival Monday and Tuesday.  Total comfort with that last year and didn't even need gel inserts.

HOWEVER I still procrastinated too much and ended up not finding boots ONE WHOLE SIZE LARGER than my norm last year, so I once again lost a toenail or two this year.  Very painful ugly process, please remember to buy your boots or sneakers a size larger!

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