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Friday, December 16, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Eloquence, Inc. Partners with D'KREWE CARNIVAL to offer ONLINE COSTUME PAYMENTS!

D'Krewe! Morning! Foreign masqueraders (and masqueraders in TNT who have friends/family abroad they want to play) please share this information to your wall, we do welcome payments in full before you arrive in Trinidad, and it allows your collection process to move faster!
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    • D Krewe Carnival Band Want to conveniently pay for your registration online? Eloquence, Inc is also authorized to accept REGISTRATION DEPOSITS via PayPal on behalf of D'Krewe, including any fees charged by PayPal to receive the money. Please see for the Facebook store allowing direct purchase and contact Michelle at (404) 590-1882 (United States) for more info. Normal travel planning service fees do NOT apply to D'Krewe costume-ONLY purchases.
      Purchase travel and career services direct from the Eloquence, Inc. Facebook sto...See More
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    • D Krewe Carnival Band If you filled out D'Krewe's registration form on the D'Krewe website before making online payment, you must include the COSTUME TRANSACTION CODE in the message with your payment. Otherwise you must fill out form sent to you by Eloquence, Inc., who will then register you free of charge and copy both you and D'Krewe carnival on the confirmations of registration and monies sent to D'Krewe. FOR SECURITY PURPOSES ELOQUENCE, INC. WILL ONLY COMMUNICATE ABOUT YOUR PURCHASE USING THE EMAIL ADDRESS FROM WHICH THE PAYPAL PAYMENT WAS RECEIVED, NO EXCEPTIONS.
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    • D Krewe Carnival Band If you would like to make BALANCE PAYMENTS online, please email AND COPY as advance approval and separate direct billing from Eloquence, Inc. is required.
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