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Friday, December 23, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: 8 Weeks To Go!

8 weeks left until one of the biggest and greatest carnivals in the Western hemisphere!

But only 1 week left until Eloquence, Inc. shuts down TNT 2012 travel planning to focus on the fun, sun, and rum, for those who are already onboard and ready to finish sorting out all the elements of a great carnival: airfare, housing, costume, fetes, and more!  But the memories are the greatest of all. :)

More information on costumes you can purchase to be custom-made for Trinidad here.  Many have sold out but many are still available!
Next year this could be you!

Contact Eloquence, Inc. for more information or to sign up for trip planning services for Trinidad Carnival 2013 if you're an early bird!

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