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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Oasis Carnival Launching "Nippon" Tonight Live!

Live streaming courtesy of! (Launch was technically Friday August 5 at 11pm...Trini time! lol)

Clearer pics? Click here!

Remember to check out the costume pictures of bands that launched so far at the Trinidad Carnival 2012 launch pics superpost!

Oasis Carnival had a great showing for their first year (Trinidad Carnival 2011) at some of the most affordable prices of the season and from the pics below taken from their facebook page, their masqueraders had a wicked time on the road!  Definitely interested in seeing what they have to offer this time around!  That white costume teaser from the ads looks hawt!  (Don't know what it is but every band I've seen so far for 2012 has a seriously hot white costume...)

Pictures of the 2012 launch (see below) will be much clearer from the usual sources (and I'll edit this post to link to them here) but for now here's what I grabbed from the launch...feed quality on the live Internet stream was not the best so don't be mad if some are blurry, you're getting a FAST look at what small band Oasis has to offer for 2012!

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