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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Harts WRATH OF THE GODS pictures!

Harts Carnival, one of the oldest bands in Trinidad, launched 19 sections Friday night!  Check out the pictures from the Harts website and Trinidad Carnival Costume Photos below.

Remember to do your band and costume comparison shopping by checking them all out at the TNT 2K12 Costume Photos Superpost!

So many HOT sections it's hard to choose a favourite...especially for the men!  But definitely one of the standouts is Amphitrite!

Photo from August 12 band launch courtesy of
Trinidad Carnival Costume Photos

So many for the men I can't even list them all...Erebus...Boreas...Aries...etc!

****UPDATE NOVEMBER 27, 2011***
Harts has introduced a HOT new section for 2012, check out their facebook photos!
Harts Carnival, 2012 theme WRATH OF THE GODS, section NIKE & ZELOS

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