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Friday, May 27, 2011

Want To Do Trinidad Carnival 2012 But Don't Know Where To Start? Eloquence, Inc. Will Turn The Dream Vacation Into Reality!

This personalized service is not really available elsewhere, because other travel planning services have set travel dates and set deadlines, instead of being able to begin the planning from the day you are ready to begin, and being able to set the arrival and departure dates as convenient to if you want to be there for 4 days I can plan that, for two whole weeks or more I can plan that too!  The other service providers also may not have any flexibility on what band you order your costumes from, as they may have a deal worked out with one particular band...

Don't just WISH you were going to Trinidad Carnival 2012...BE on the road jumping, waving, and wining your waistline in Trinidad February 20 & 21, 2012!  

Check out the Trinidad Carnival Bible post and email me; I will take care of all the details to get you there and back (even helping you obtain your passport!) and the service is very reasonably priced!

Definitely a must-use service for those who want to do Trinidad Carnival on a budget, but I can plan out a VIP package as well!

Get started NOW many people reserved rooms for Trinidad Carnival 2012 as soon as they checked out during this year's carnival, and the band launches start less than one month from now!   

Need me to manage/plan/book all this for you, contact me...I take the headache away for a reasonable fee! :)

Trip planning stand-alone page here, bookmark:

1 comment:

Eloquence, Inc. said...

To Anonymous who said, " you have left no stone unturned in this ad. I want to start saving money right away so I don't miss out because I know you're the woman who can make it happen." problem! You don't have to have all the money saved up before you get to start out piece by piece and get started NOW. Get in touch with me by email and let's hear what and when you're trying to plan!

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