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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Resume and Career Services Has Moved! Those Posts Now At:!

The site is up and ready, all business/career/education style posts will be transferred there from this, the Caribbean culture/travel blog, to keep the business and pleasure sides of my brain (and blogs) in their own more organized worlds!

Both still feed posts to the same Eloquence, Inc. Facebook Page, and both still feed posts as tweets to @eloquenceinc, so follow me on this blog for the after-work stuff, follow me on the Career Services blog for the work stuff, follow me on Twitter, subscribe by email to have the info come to you instead of you coming to the info, and like the Facebook page!

Need help on anything mentioned in either blog postings?  (404) 590-1882 and!

Spread the word! :)

And note the difference in the site names... eloquence-inc (with the dash) comes here to the fun stuff...eloquenceinc (no dash) goes to the business stuff.  But there will be a link at the top of each site to take you to either site if you made a wrong turn! :)

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