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Monday, June 15, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Online Sign-Up Form With Paypal!

Trinidad Carnival Sign Up Form

Now you can make your travel planning service fee Paypal payment soon as you finish your form, without the extra fees from Eventbrite nor the extra wait to receive a Paypal bill from Eloquence, Inc. Services!  The form allows you to start planning way in advance, so you can choose from Trinidad Carnival 2016, Trinidad Carnival 2017, Trinidad Carnival 2018, Trinidad Carnival 2019, or Trinidad Carnival 2020.  It also has general explanations of how the service works, and helpful hints with each form entry to help you understand how to fill it out correctly.  If you have any questions about the form or your specific plans, contact

Harts Carnival
To see the form in the mobile version of the blog, click the Menu button on your phone and Request Desktop Version in the menu.  You can zoom in by clicking on a field to fill in, and zoom out by double-clicking your screen once, or twice.

Form is also in this post at the link above.

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