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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Trinidad Carnival 2014: Petlemas Has Launched SAFARI!

There are so many bands out there that it's easy to get confused on what each offers.  And if you have ever tried to find information especially right after band launch, you will realize how hard some newbies have it tracking down a section name, a price, any information other than the teasing picture that entices you to fall in love with a costume and "play a mas!"

All-inclusive band Petlemas, in its sophomore year for 2014, cuts across all that with full information to cut out the guesswork, including simplified prices (no calculus needed!) and easy registration!  However if you just don't have time or just don't wish to bother with the details, you can always let Eloquence, Inc. get you registered and ready to be on the road!  Check out band offerings for 2014 here.

Photos courtesy of the band.  Prices are in TTD.  (Divide by about 6 for USD.)

What is your favourite attraction on the SAFARI?

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