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Friday, September 20, 2013

Trinidad Carnival 2014: Legacy Carnival Launches "NATURE'S TOUCH" Sunday October 13, 2013!

Trinidad Carnival 2014 is looking SO good for costumes this season, so many great ones you don't even know who to choose!

Get ready for Legacy Carnival band launch, mark your calendars!

Legacy is a LARGE band  (well over 1,500 masqueraders!) who, coincidentally, has its mas camp located directly across the street from the basic guesthouse used for Eloquence, Inc. clients who want a basic room on a budget because they plan to spend most of their time outside of it, feteing and playing MAS!

I have ONE room left at that guesthouse (which is also walking distance from several other mas camps), so if you are still looking for housing now's the time!

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