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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trinidad Carnival 2013: Petlemas Launches LA ISLA DEL ENCANTO!

("The Enchanted Isle")

Check the Trinidad Carnival Costumes For Next Year link at the top of the blog for bands that have launched so far and the bands coming up next!  As always if you see a costume you want to BE IN, I can arrange your entire trip, start to finish, contact for more information!

I LOVE the black and white and the blue and white!  Now just waiting on a price list!

***edit per bandleader, frontlines coming! "we're doing Frontlines for all sections. Releasing them end of September! The costume and head pieces will remain the same. We are adding Backpacks and large feathered Arm and Foot Pieces, plus bigger necklaces. As an Early Sign up masquerader you will be allowed to upgrade to frontline when they are release."


***Update: here's the pricing courtesy of bandleader Petle Claverie!***

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