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Monday, July 16, 2012

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Tuesday Mas Video Clips With D'Krewe!

You're probably wondering why so few videos on the biggest day of the Trinidad Carnival season...honestly because I took so many PICTURES and there was only so much room on the camera!  Only so much charge too despite a big handful of batteries (you know you take a bunch of pics and vids and not all of them turn out well enough to post, but they take up space meantime on the road).

Enjoy!  Tuesday Mas for 2012 was with D'Krewe Carnival but I did pass other bands too!  Unfortunately the many pics and vids I took on Savannah stage this day did not make it back from Trinidad (see the original theft issues in the picture post linked above), but with carnival it's not just the destination, it's the JOURNEY and the road was nice!

 For Tuesday Mas pictures, again click here!


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