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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Atlanta Carnival 2012: Artist Lineup!

Every Saturday on Memorial Weekend you can visit Atlanta aka HOTlanta and kick off the summer right: downtown by the Civic Center Marta Station on Auburn the Atlanta Carnival parade takes off at noon annually...not to mention the many fetes from various promoters and Caribbean cultural organizations in the area!

courtesy of Atlanta Carnival

The Atlanta Carnival facebook page is the source for all things carnival.  They have been featuring a different mas band every week so you have a good idea of the options for a costume, and I of course have to remind you that if you want to step your footwear up from "there" to "out an BAD" you should use the only place I get my boots done: Niecy's Custom Designs!

It's April, May is around the corner so let's get ready!  Play mas and still have plenty of time for the barbeque Monday!

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