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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trinidad Carnival 2012: D'Krewe Carnival Announces January 31, 2012 Deadline For Special Orders!

All D'Krewe's frontlines are sold out, and so are all backline backpack options!  Don't delay costumes MOVING!

I do love that they do not make you go get your own corset or bustier to send to them to decorate...there are some bands out there that expect you to pay full price for your costume AND go buy that portion of a special order and spend money to ship it to them...and their deadlines for that sort of thing are usually much earlier than 2 weeks before carnival!

D'Krewe Carnival, theme PANACHE, section: Vogue
 Eloquence, Inc. has partnered with D'Krewe to offer PayPal payments via Eloquence, Inc. for D'Krewe Carnival costume registrations for 2012.  To use this option, you must register online (or have Eloquence, Inc. register you at no charge) and D'Krewe ( must be provided a copy of your automatic registration confirmation email sent by D'Krewe when you registered (or Eloquence, Inc. registered you) online containing your costume code, as well as your your picture, the PayPal transaction code.  There is a 4% fee from PayPal to receive payments through them (free to send money though), so that will be added into the total to ensure D'Krewe receives the correct deposit amount for your costume.

Contact or call (404) 590-1882 for details or help with this.  PayPal allows you to pay conveniently and securely from a computer anywhere in the world using a direct link to your bank account or a credit or debit card showing the VISA or Mastercard logo.  Eloquence, Inc. does NOT accept e-cheques.

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