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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Legacy Carnival Band Costumes, Theme "Flight"!

Yes, the costume updates have been MIA, but they're back!  Winding down on costume announcements though because by now you have a ton of options for the current year (see the link here), and more than likely already have your hands full trying to figure out which band, which section, and just what are these prices once converted to USD??? lol

Legacy Carnival launched FLIGHT and below are the sections.  This is a large (and I mean LARGE) band, so be ready for the pressure if you play with them!  This band actually does list costume prices on their website in US dollars, which is probably a relief for some who don't always have an exchange converter handy.

As always if you need someone to get all the aspects of your Trinidad Carnival trip planning organized and purchased for you, one stop shopping is available with Eloquence, Inc.!

Check out the comprehensive list of band launches here.

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