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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012 - Flexible Trip Planning With Eloquence, Inc! Traveling Alone or With Group, Book NOW!

Deals are slipping away on airfare and housing for Trinidad Carnival 2012!  But even for latecomers just getting started on their travel plans, I can find something within their budget if they are flexible.

D'Krewe Carnival 2012 section Warriors - frontline, now registering!

Eloquence, Inc. can offer either a structured bi-monthly all-inclusive payment plan (suitable for early birds) or a prioritized flexible payment option which takes care of deposit and balance payments in order of priority and leaves the billing of other items until later in the cycle.  You also have the option to fly on the Eloquence, Inc. group reservation (layaway plan) or have me book your own dates/times (full payment in advance of purchase).

D'Krewe Carnival 2012 section Bombshell - frontline, now registering!
For example, someone who has started their travel planning with me in July can make even payments because the deadlines are far away and more months to divide the payments over means lower payments.

But someone who has just contacted me in September, October, November, December... is going to find that due to the minimums necessary to cover especially housing and airfare by the deadlines, the payments would be too high.  However, if billed in order of priority, the major deposits can be handled and other items such as fetes and J'ouvert that begin taking deposits later do not end up as part of the billed payments along with housing and airfare.

American Airlines, the airline for Eloquence, Inc.'s 2012 group reservation
(layaway, fixed dates Feb 17-Feb 22 2012 out of Miami International!)
This is basically a benefit to you to allow you to space out the expense so that your vacation can be organized, stress free, and most of all affordable!

Please note that options in every category dwindle FAST so once certain options are sold out, you will have to lower your expectations on luxury and convenience, or dig significantly deeper into your pockets!

La Calypso Guesthouse in the heart of carnival!
Single travellers can share my room here, private bath, a/c, single beds!
(For the room I have reserved, there are all sizes/decors of rooms in here,
some without private bath!)
Costumes, housing, and fetes are each various different is best to keep your price flexibility at this late stage of the game by NOT insisting on a fixed payment schedule.  I keep that option available to you, though, so that the people who like the TRIBE type of mas band, the Carlton Savannah type of housing, and the Brian Lara type of all-inclusive fete are not forced to find a middle ground on their vacation with the people who care more about affording the costume than about what band they are wearing it in, about dropping the bags and showering at a place with a/c, private bath, and clean beds, no frills, and who can enjoy themselves in the regular admission section of fetes instead of needing VIP or all-inclusive parties only...and for the people in between!  Package deals or flexible option, I still handle all the arrangements (or as much of it as you wish to not handle yourself) and ask you the right questions to get you what you want within your budget!

TRIBE, sold out since summer!
Early birds can have costume deposit as a priority with the bands that launched June, July, and August.  But people just now getting their money together for carnival have to make sure they are actually on a flight to carnival and actually have somewhere to stay once they get off that flight before costumes can be a concern! But there are mas bands who launch in the summer with sections still open (like D'Krewe, whose costumes are featured throughout this blog post), and bands who launch late giving plenty more options (like Pulse 8).

D'Krewe Carnival 2012 section Vogue, now registering!

Want to be in Trinidad Carnival 2012 but don't know where to start?  Contact me for all your planning needs or (404) 590-1882. More info also located here.

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