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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Group Flight From Miami!

I managed to get the deposit deadline extended a bit til the end of this month...this is it though, if you are trying to save money on your airfare this is the time to lock it in.  $60 is not that much to hold your space on a flight!

If you are interested, your deposit is due NOW via PayPal to 

    1   1819N 16FEB  MIAPOS   650P 1125P 
    2   1818N 23FEB  POSMIA   720A 1030A

This leaves carnival Thursday 6:50 pm arriving 11:25pm, and returns the following Thursday 7:20am arriving 10:30am.

The benefit of this is locking in your flight price out of here because the domestic connection from where you are can always be bought on sale later from the various places everyone will be coming from, but the TRINIDAD leg of the trip gets SERIOUSLY expensive and the prices have already started climbing because the 2012 band launches have started and people are buying tickets.  The other benefit of course is not having to come up with the entire flight amount right away, this is the layaway plan, which is much more affordable for most of us.

Price includes all taxes and fees. (Does not include flight insurance.)  Airfare is nonrefundable.

Contact for more info:

Spice Carnival 2012. Theme: The New World. Section: Sarcee.

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