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Monday, August 17, 2015

Eloquence, Inc. Services (fetegods) - Website Transition Underway!

Eloquence, Inc. Services will be transitioning to for future updates on carnival and other international events as well as the career planning and small business subcontractor services.

The travel planning link on the website (which still has portions in development so pardon any links that aren't active as yet!) leads to, which will have all the future travel planning information you have come to know and love from this blog, and will evolve as we become... well.... fetegods. Why the name fetegods?  ...Do you really want to remember the spelling of while under the influence of several massive doses of fun, sun, and rum (and more!)?  I didn't think so... plus hey fetegods fits neatly on a souvenir, and is exactly what we should all be when we hit the road or take off into the air for these events and experiences: fetegods.

If you haven't as yet, go ahead and follow Eloquence, Inc. Services on Facebook and Twitter (where all website posts will still distribute just as these have done), and Instagram.

This blog is still a great resource for past posts, which may be replicated on the new site. For example, the very helpful chronological and alphabetical order lists of bands to launch in the Trinidad Carnival Costumes For Next Year link at the top of this blog's page, that's definitely first on the list of posts getting a passport and visa stamp to migrate on over to the new site.

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr: @fetegods

If you have a reason why you would prefer to see posts still post from this blog, let me know and I can see if there is a similar functionality that can be implemented on the website in the future.

If you want to be in one of the costumes for carnival or need any other personalized travel planning, email or  Check out the site (especially the travel planning portion) and let me know what options you would like to see!  As this is primarily a personalized service, the site's goal is not to overwhelm you with information but introduce you to the many ways the services can help you.  Personally when I'm looking for help, I don't want to land on a site that is immediately trying to sell me 10 different things in 20 different ways, I just need to see a visually appealing 1-2-3 hit on the major points of what you can do for me, and how I can contact you either to keep up with you or get some service from you.  So going forward there is a return to focus on the core of what appealed to clients in the first place: the ability to personalize and get responsive, knowledgeable service that handles the details and the administrative red tape that comes with trying to get out of town and let freedom reign!

Eloquence, Inc. Services (fetegods)

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